Shivpriya Shrawansari



As our tradition of presenting a successful and completely trusted projects, we have come up with out new NA/TP Residential Land Project… Shivpriya Ramyanagari.

“GOD” a great engineer has created a beautiful nature, we are just trying to maintain and retain the precious things created by GOD. This project is also one of its kind and proving to be most beautiful, convenient and economical in the region.

On the other hand out research and legal team is always dedicated towards the customer satisfaction as well as to get the maximum returns on their investments.

Nagpur is proving to be the HOT SPOT to invest due to rigorous development of the region in view of upcoming CARGO-MIHAN project.

Shivpriya Srawansari Layout Plan
Mauza - Takalghat
Shivpriya Srawansari Plot Area Statement
Shivpriya Srawansari Plot Area Statement